Water Lilies

Hardy Water Lilies cont...

Madam Wilfron Gonnere Water Lily

Snowball Water Lily

Sultan Water Lily

Yellow Sensation Water Lily

Tropical Water Lilies

Tropical water lilies (annuals) out bloom and out perform the hardy water lilies, plus come in even a wider array of fragrances and dazzling colors. Tropical water lilies will often bloom 4 to 6 weeks longer into the fall than hardy water lilies. For best results wait until your water warms (usually Memorial Day), fertilize regularly! Tropical water lilies come in both Day Blooming and Night Blooming varieties. If you get home from work too late to see your lilies blooming, try one of our Night Blooming varieties. Tropical water lilies are sold in 10 inch pots.

Emily Grant Hutchings Water Lily

Blue Beauty Water Lily

Evelyn Randig Water Lily

Tina Water Lily

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