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Pond and Plant Tours

Water Lilies - Fabulous pictures of water lilies at Green Vista.
Bog Plants - See interesting plants you can add to your pond.
Green Vista Display Ponds - Visit display ponds at Green Vista.

Pond Tips

Caring for Your New Pond - Basic pond care.
Clear Water - How to prevent green water (algae bloom).
Fall Pond Care - Putting your pond to bed for the winter.
Patio Ponds - All about container water gardens.
Troubleshooting a Leak - What to do if your pond is losing water.

Retail Store

Pond Fish - Koi, goldfish and fancy goldfish for your pond.
Plants - About our water garden plants.
Supplies & Equipment - Everything you need for a stellar water garden, pond or water feature.


Installation & Maintenance - Turner Landscaping LLC can install or maintain your pond.
Presentations - Pond topics for our talks to groups and organizations.


Wholesale - Green Vista offers items at wholesale prices to qualified buyers.
Midwest Wetland Resources - A division of Green Vista that supplies native wetland plants.
Wholesale Service Areas - Information about geographical areas serviced by the Wholesale Division.


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